Sunday, July 1, 2007

There are still Good Samaritans

A friend of mine sat with her husband who was waiting for tests to be done at a veteran's hospital. She looked up to see an elderly man being pushed into the room in a wheelchair by a young woman who had a noticeable limp. The man in the chair was thanking the young woman for being so kind and helping him into the hospital from the parking lot.

The young woman was an employee of the hospital. She called for someone to besure that the man had a wheelchair to help him during his entire visit at the hospital. She helped him from the wheelchair to one of the regular chairs in the waiting room.

Then, with some difficulty she managed to turn and sit down in her wheelchair. The man thanked her again and wanted to know who her supervisor was. He wanted s/he to know how wonderful the young woman had been to him. When the young woman was leaving the older man assured her that God would reward her. She smiled and told him that God had already rewarded her. Eleven years ago, the doctors only gave her one year to live.

It seems that the young woman had come up on the man struggling in the parking lot and gave him her wheelchair and then pushed him into the hospital.

"The Samaritan used his own bandages, wine, oil, donkey, and money to care for a hurt man he did not know. Luke 10:30-35."

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