Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy Friday the 13th!

How many times have you stayed home on Friday the 13th to prevent anything bad from happening to you?
How many times have you made an x on your car windshield after a black cat ran across the street in front of your car?
How many times have you thrown salt over your shoulder after spilling some on the table?
How many times have you stepped over the crack in the sidewalk or walked around the ladder instead of under it?
Your answers to these and other such questions just might tell how superstitious you are.

I really like the one about the left palm itching means you are going to get some money. Every time my palm itches I head for my nearest store and lottery tickets. Alas, that isn’t the money my itching palm must be announcing. All I can say is that if all those left palm itches every come true, Bill Gates watch out; there is a new multi billionaire.

Seriously speaking, there are many people who do believe strongly in superstitions. I must admit I am not one of them.
I stay home around most holidays because everyone is away and the streets and restaurants aren’t as crowded.
I find black cats beautiful majestic looking animals.
Open ladders mean that some much needed painting is getting done.
Rain on a wedding day means a nice cozy night with this person you have just promised to love no matter what.
Oh and the beautiful four leaf clover, please leave it and let it stay green and beautiful where it grows.
Let’s not forget the rabbit’s foot. The only bad thing I remember about it is that my brother always chased me with one to scare me because I felt sorry for the poor three legged rabbit.
And the chicken wishbone, again my brother always rigged it so he got the longer end.
The chill up my spine usually means I have run outside in the cold just for a second and didn’t wear a coat.
A bat in the house could mean serious illness or death as their droppings are highly toxic.
And finally, the idea that a great horror turns your hair white. I was graying by the time I was 18. According to family photos many of my ancestors did too. Hum. Do you suppose we all saw the same horror?

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